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Drawing a quick sketch of a dwarf warrior here in the following video, I was originally going to draw the full dwarf, but I decide early on to just draw the top half as I wanted to have a scoll across the middle of the dwarf later on as it was going to be for a how to draw dwarfs ebook later on.

You can see the sketch taking shape and I did not pre sketch lines beforehand as I wanted it to appear as a spontaneous sketch from the outset.

Watch the video to see the dwarf sketch process....

A quick dragon drawing head sketch video that I did a couple of days ago and I lightly sketched in the dragon layout beforehand and then went over it pressing harder with the pencil to show this quick dragon head sketch idea.

Take a look and try and draw a dragons head of your very own.

Dragoart is a great place for many drawing tutorials, it is also a user generated site too, which I am also a member of there (Username waynetully1)and if you wanted to, you could upload your own drawing tutorials there or even your artwork and mingle with the community through chatrooms or others art profiles too.

It's a fun place and it is full of brilliantly short easy to follow drawing tutorials that really inspire, I only wish I would have joined earlier, go and join if you want to find out how to draw some cool stuff, the site owner Dawn is a friendly soul too and she is the number one tutorial uploader there too, so check it out - Dragoart.com
Drawing hair can be difficult, but I suppose my greatest tip is just to practice, like I do in this video, which isn't a how to draw tutorial by the way, I just go through a few examples of drawing hair, although I do recommend you look and observe peoples real hair for some special inspiration to guide you along the way when drawing hair.

Also what can be useful is look at how other artists approach the process of drawing hair strands, you'll be amazed at what tips you can pick up from other artists along the way.
Drawing a comic book page is easy with a bit of planning and a good hande on the story, in my own comic book pages that I've drawn I always plan the story first and have little markers set in place to pin point a rough outline of each page layout and then together with a small thumbnail sketch I can plan the panels of each page.

The draft page doesn't have to be spectacular, but it has to contain the basics of what it will become, such as the important parts that need to be emphasized, the story elements must follow a natural flow and make sense to the reader.

I put together a few videos showing a few steps of laying out a comic book page and in these videos you can see the page developing from a basic sketch to a more defined page breakdown.

Here are the videos

Video one - Basic Comic Book Layout Sketch

Video Two Drawing A Comic Book Page

Video Three Pencil Drawing Your Page Finished
Been busy working on some youtube videos and there's a mixed bag of videos I've done, from some requests of how to draw shoes to drawing hands, inking a comic book page and drawing a ninja.

The thing about these videos is it's easy to set them up and shoot them, almost quick in around five minutes or so, but when it comes to editing them and uploading them, depending on the file size it could take awhile so I usually have to set aside a full day of video editing and uploading so that they appear on my youtube channel.

I don't mind though, because drawing is an enjoyable part of my working week, as they say that your own business is best when you are doing something you love and that's true.

Hope you enjoy the videos there and whilst there you might want to check out my video channel and watch the other 140 plus videos too when you get the chance.
 The first blog posts are always the hardest to write, as it is hard to try and put something into words, but hey that's life anyway right? This blog is as much about me collecting my thoughts as it is about providing an extension to the arts resource site.

As I am a member of other sites and have a few other blogs on the go, I can link to some great article content that I've posted elsewhere about drawing or arts materials and equipment that I recommend or have experience of using for my own artwork.

Subscribe to this blog to get updates when they happen and you'll also get used to the posting frequency of this blog and the site that it sits under.

Good day to you all!