Draw Art Resource


About Draw Art Resource

Draw art resource is an arts site which was founded by Wayne Tully who believes in harnessing the power of the internet and bringing the capabilities of an artist online to teach and help others together with any other artists that care to get involved through the forums or blog (when they get built!) The site itself will evolve over time and build on it's resources the more content gets added to each page and so the mission statement at the present moment in time is to build an arts resource presence and go from there.

About This sites founder Wayne Tully

Wayne is an enthusiastic artist who has a passion for fantasy art, comic book art and tattoo art and so he likes to create works of art in these key 3 areas, at times he feels closed off from other ways of creating art, but that's why he seeks out other artists to gain inspiration from these artists and learn something new in this huge world online and off.

Wayne has been studying online business and affiliate marketing for over 7 years now and is a sometimes freelance article writer and also is a keen story writer for his art, other than his work online, he has two kids, a pet dog called Bonnie and a lovely wife that keep him busy when he's not working.